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Student Leadership

Learn to Lead at Northwood

The leadership opportunities at Northwood School align with our mission, which is to prepare young people to be leaders in fields that innovate solutions to the challenges of our global community. 

Student Leadership Opportunities


Multicultural Student Club

Multicultural Student Club (MSC) serves as a forum for communication amongst students from diverse backgrounds and the entire Northwood community. Through discussions and guest speakers, the Multicultural Student Club hopes to foster a school community where students learn from their differences and celebrate cultural diversity.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is a student-led committee advised by one or more faculty that works with school administration and facilities management in order to create an intentional decision making process regarding energy, resources, food, and waste, in order to improve environmental quality both locally and globally. 

International Student Council

The International Student Council is mentored by Northwood's Director of the International Student Program and is made up of international students who meet to discuss and enhance the international student experience at Northwood.

Head of School’s Council

Students named to the Head of School’s Council are elected by their peers at the end of their 11th grade year. As 12th graders, this group forms a nine-member committee that meets at least monthly with the Head of School to hone their leadership skills and discuss and advise on issues surrounding culture, values, ethics and daily life at Northwood School. In addition, they play a critical role as members of the Honor Committee and Judicial Board. This group also joins in with the Student Council when their work overlaps.

Student Council

The Student Council is comprised of representatives from the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade classes who work individually and as a group to help Northwood live up to its mission and core values.  

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