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International Students Program

Northwood School, a Global Community

Welcome to Northwood School, an independent coeducational boarding school offering a college preparatory curriculum for students from grade nine through a postgraduate year. Located in the Olympic Village of Lake Placid, New York, and surrounded by the Adirondack Park (the largest protected natural area in the Lower 48 states), our setting invites students to engage with the community beyond campus. With a student body of under two hundred (200) students, Northwood offers a personalized approach to each students' education and prides itself on being a truly global community. For the 2023-24 academic year, twenty-four (24) countries and twenty (20) U.S. states are represented in the Northwood student body. Students are encouraged to explore the beautiful natural landscapes around them and experience the richness of cultural exchange through the geographic diversity of the Northwood community and  by Lake Placid's international history. This environment rewards curiosity, cultivates ingenuity, and fosters self-reliance. Schedule a visit to our school or plan a trip to Lake Placid to see for yourself.

Here in Lake Placid, while walking down Main Street, the melody of a foreign language will often reach your ears as Lake Placid hosts visitors from around the world each year. Northwood approaches cultural exchange with respect and openness and celebrates the unique contribution each student makes to our community. International students represent over twenty different countries and make-up approximately 35% of our student body. Our students and faculty embrace scholars traveling from abroad as peers and equals. In no time, new students from around the globe are embraced as members of the Northwood Family.

Designed to Succeed

With admission events scheduled in countries worldwide, our Admission staff is eager to meet prospective international students and answer their questions. Every international student at Northwood School is fully immersed in campus life; from boarding in our dorms to participating in sports, social activities, and school clubs.

In addition to a full academic and co-curricular experience, Northwood School offers access to a English Language Learner program to help non-native English speakers further develop language fluency. Our counselors will assist you with holiday break planning as well, whether you wish to remain on campus or travel elsewhere.

Inside the international student experience: